Your questions answered

General Questions

What are the waiting times?

Depending upon the nature of the referral, instructing parties will receive a confirmation of appointment times within 3-5 working days of instruction. We offer quick turnaround times for simple investigations such as MRI scans, X-rays and ultrasounds. Consultations with consultants and therapists are usually turned around within 2 weeks at the patients’ convenience.

Do you offer contrast MRI scans?

Yes, a number of MRI scans and investigations will require contrast. We are also able to offer arthrograms.

How do we book an appointment?

Instructing parties are provided with their own email account to allow a single point of access along with a bespoke case handler.

Will an appointment be available to suit my client’s needs?

Yes we will accommodate specific needs not only with convenient appointments times but also with regards to any disabled access requirements that may be needed.

When will we receive our client’s results/reports?

All outcomes will be conveyed directly to instructing parties within 5 working days of the appointment or conclusion of the course of treatment. Regular updates of treatment sessions will be provided along the way.